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Private Placement Process

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Over the past few months we have been working hard to develop our new Private Placement Process (P3) product. We’ve built P3 using our crowdfunding and compliance background to streamline the marketing elements of private placements. Increasing Efficiency for the Private Placement Process We provide you with an innovative software product to manage the private placement marketing process. […]

White Label Property Crowdfunding Solution

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The 2015 UK Online Alternative Finance Report found that property is becoming a very popular sector – combining debt and equity it amounted to almost £700M in 2015. 1) Equity Property Crowdfunding: Equity-based crowdfunding for property enables investors to acquire ownership of a property asset via the purchasing of shares of a single property or a […]

French Crowdfunding Regulation Quick Overview

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  The French regulations address the three main types of crowdfunding: Equity, debt and donation based crowdfunding.  The Industry grew at a rate of approximately 200% from 2013 to 2014. There are no restrictions on the number of investors in any particular pitch. Companies are able to raise up to €1M per crowdfund campaign.   […]

SEC Adopts Equity Crowdfunding Rules

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  SEC Opens Up Equity Crowdfunding To The Crowd On Friday, Oct. 30 the Securities and Exchange Commission  voted 3-1 to adopt the next generation of rules for entrepreneurs and small businesses to raise capital from the “crowd”. With the new rules passing, which form part of Title III of the JOBS Act, it is […]


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ShareIn首席执行官裘德•库克(Jude Cook) 爱丁堡的众筹平台ShareIn于今日宣布,其将举办世界首次筹款活动,届时可让中国投资者直接购买未上市的英国公司的股份。 BOP公司——ShareIn在中国的合作伙伴——在贵阳举行的世界众筹大会(World Crowdfunding Conference)上公布了该计划,并宣布该跨国活动将于下个月开启。 Shareln以爱丁堡代码库(CodeBase)技术孵化园作为基地。今年早些时候,Shareln与BOP咨询公司合作,在旨在鼓励更多投资者支持新兴企业的新规定实施之际,把目标对准了潜在的巨大的中国市场。 BOP公司的副董事康纳•罗奇(Conor Roche)说道:“在全球众筹界,这是一次令人兴奋的新发展。我们正在打开中英两国的边界。” 此次活动举办之时恰逢中国国家主席习近平先生对英国进行国事访问。习近平主席说,他“已经深切感受到中英关系的蓬勃朝气”。 Shareln的首席执行官和共同创始人裘德•库克说:中国的众筹行业是世界上发展速度最快的,其今年筹集的资金预期将达60亿美元(约39亿英镑),是去年的30亿美元的两倍之多。 “这是一次不可多得的机会,它将真正打开中英两国之间的金融贸易道路,”库克今日说道,她随后补充说,Shareln近来为一家公司举办的首次众筹活动,是期待通过其自己的网站在英美两国同时筹集资金。 库克说:“Shareln的目标是从世界两大经济体中分一杯羹。我们与美国合作伙伴的跨国活动已获得圆满成功,而现在我们将在中国做同样的事情。” 今年五月,Shareln在此次计划之中获得了100万美元的投资额,将其重点转向帮助企业直接从投资者手中筹集资金。该网站自去年推出以来,已经让一些公司实现了他们的筹款目标,其中包括3D显示专业公司Holoxica and Parkure,该公司正在寻找治疗帕金森病的方法。

ShareIn and BOP Announce the First Cross Border Equity Crowdfunding Campaign In China at the World Crowdfunding Conference

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Equity crowdfunding specialist ShareIn will deliver a world first, a campaign that will enable Chinese investors to buy shares directly in an unlisted UK company.   Today at the World Crowdfunding Conference in Guiyang China BOP, ShareIn’s partner in China, announced the forthcoming launch of the World’s first Chinese/UK cross border equity crowdfunding campaign.   […]

Reminova: Is This The End Of The Dentist’s Drill?

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To find out more information on this ground-breaking technology and to become an investor, view their website at Reminova. Reminova are trying to reduce drill and fill Reminova was formed in 2014 to provide dentists and patients with new preventative treatments for tooth decay. Some years ago, Reminova founders took a radically different approach to decay […]

Equity Crowdfunding in Football | The Scotsman

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Equity Crowdfunding & Football Are The Perfect Match ShareIn were featured in yesterday’s Corporate Finance Special Report section of The Scotsman. Jude Cook, Co-Founder of ShareIn, discusses the positive impact that equity crowdfunding can have on the football industry. Check out the full article here. Jude believes more start-up companies should be taking a leaf out of BrewDog’s […]

$1 Million Investment Brings Big Changes for ShareIn

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We are pleased to announce that ShareIn has received $1 million investment that will provide us with resources needed to support our ambitious growth plans. Exciting Times Ahead! The crowdfunding equity market doubled in size last year and is now worth over £50 million. The $1 million raised gives ShareIn the capital it requires to […]

ShareIn Success: A Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkure Ltd is one step closer to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease after receiving funding from investors supported by ShareIn’s equity crowdfunding platform. Who are Parkure? Parkure has successfully raised over £70,000 to develop a cure for Parkinson’s disease in crowdfunding investment through ShareIn. Parkure decided to use an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise […]