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Success Story: Downing’s First Crowdfunded Bond Reaches £3.2M

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Downing Reaches Its £3.2M Target! Downing’s first crowdfunded bond powered by ShareIn reaches £3.2M target. The raise was Downing’s first crowdfund on it’s newly launched platform.   This is the first time our platform has been used for bonds and we are thrilled with the results. Our technology enabled Downing to launch fast and the ability […]

Crowdfunding Campaign To Fund Hydrogen Powered Car

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Wales-based Riversimple, a pioneering hydrogen fuel cell car company, announce the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign to match a €2M EU grant using ShareIn’s technology.   Riversimple’s production prototype, the Rasa, was unveiled last month and is a small step away from becoming the most sustainable car of the future. They have secured a grant […]