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Hibernian FC Team Up With ShareIn To Enable Simpler Fan Ownership

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Hibernian FC kick off their new share issue campaign to provide supporters the opportunity to own up to 51% of shares in the club. With the use of our microsite technology–Hibernian supporters can buy shares directly on the Hibernian FC website. With chances of silverware in sight–Hibernian are offering their loyal fanbase a share in their success. Leeann Dempster, CEO […]

Crowdfunding: Football’s 12th Man

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An Obvious Approach To Raising Funds In Football Are the days of passionate volunteers standing out in the rain on match days rattling a collection tin numbered? Perhaps so, as using the internet is a pretty obvious way to reach more people. Crowdfunding is starting to be used by clubs to raise funds for a […]

Equity Crowdfunding in Football | The Scotsman

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Equity Crowdfunding & Football Are The Perfect Match ShareIn were featured in yesterday’s Corporate Finance Special Report section of The Scotsman. Jude Cook, Co-Founder of ShareIn, discusses the positive impact that equity crowdfunding can have on the football industry. Check out the full article here. Jude believes more start-up companies should be taking a leaf out of BrewDog’s […]