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ShareIn Targets Property Market

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We are excited to announced a surge of enquiries from property specialists seeking to raise capital online. Throughout 2017, we have noted an increase in the number of new initiatives coming from property developers and investment managers, fuelled by a need to streamline existing paper driven methods and a desire to open up investments to a […]

Multi-Lingual And Multi-Currency Platform.

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We are delighted to announce that our platforms can now accept investments in both Euros and Sterling and can be navigated in multiple languages.   We believe all kinds of alternative investments can and should happen online. The days of paper brochures and posting cheques are long gone.   We provide both a digital tech and […]

ShareIn Adds Crowd Power To Mongoose Energy

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We are delighted to support the launch of a new crowdfunding venture to allow investment in UK community energy projects online.   Mongoose Crowd, launched by Mongoose Energy, uses our White Label solution to enable UK investors to support local renewable energy projects by utilising an ISA wrapper. Mongoose Crowd will be an Appointed Representative of […]