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Lyme Disease | The Tick Time Bomb

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Here in the UK, a variety of factors are creating a “perfect storm” for the transmission of Lyme borreliosis, a tick-borne disease that causes flu-like symptoms and arthritis in the short term and if not treated promptly with antibiotics, can lead to lifelong neurological and psychiatric problems which are difficult to diagnose, treat and cure. […]

Dengue Fever – 40% of the world’s population under constant threat

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Dengue is a viral disease that in the past 30 years has spread from its original home in SE Asia to over 130 countries worldwide. The mosquito that transmits it has adapted to living with man, thriving on human blood and breeding in all types of man-made containers. This species has benefitted from the explosive […]

Can Money Grow On Trees?

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“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, goes the old saying. And for forests, high quality measurements leads directly to cost savings, improved operational efficiencies and minimising of investment risk. Carbomap specialises in the mapping of forests from the air and from satellite.   Our patent pending approach is like an MRI scanner for forests — full 3D information […]