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ShareIn Success: A Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkure Ltd is one step closer to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease after receiving funding from investors supported by ShareIn’s equity crowdfunding platform. Who are Parkure? Parkure has successfully raised over £70,000 to develop a cure for Parkinson’s disease in crowdfunding investment through ShareIn. Parkure decided to use an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise […]

The Telegraph: New hope to find a cure for Parkinson’s

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Victoria Lambert of The Telegraph wrote a very interesting piece on Parkure who are currently equity crowdfunding a cure for Parkinson’s disease on ShareIn. She explains: “New therapies for Parkinson’s, which affects about 127,000 Britons, are desperately overdue. Most sufferers of this degenerative neurological condition will be treated with Levodopa, a drug developed in the […]