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Lyme Disease | The Tick Time Bomb

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Here in the UK, a variety of factors are creating a “perfect storm” for the transmission of Lyme borreliosis, a tick-borne disease that causes flu-like symptoms and arthritis in the short term and if not treated promptly with antibiotics, can lead to lifelong neurological and psychiatric problems which are difficult to diagnose, treat and cure. […]

Change The World And Take Control

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              Whenever I explain who the companies are that are going to be listing on ShareIn at launch, everyone gets interested. Very interested. And I do mean everyone – and not simply people who admit to being interested in finance. It’s because the companies have truly incredible plans for […]

The Best Tax Break You’ve Never Heard Of

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Tax doesn’t have to be boring – honest! Are you aware of the truly incredible tax breaks available to people who want to invest in young companies which can, in some cases, totally mitigate your risk to zero? Jude explains why in today’s post on the blog. In recent years, research has shown that investing […]